Services in Microbiology



 Service Catalogue


For an overview of our services, you can download our service catalogue. To inform you about our prices, we will provide you with a paper version of the catalogue on demand, or create a personal offer if you would like to contact us directly.





 Laboratory testing


Compliance Microbiologie Labor


We provide you with a broad variety of microbiological testing. Our experienced laboratory team guarantees correct and reliable microbiological practices and routine.


Our laboratory is subject to supervision through german authorities and works in compliance with GMP (§ 64 AMG) in all matters. Further, it is certified by DIN ISO 9001:2008.


Additionally to our featured catalogue about our services, we offer individual microbiological studies which are tailored to your needs and demands. Our experiences and technical competence enable us to help you find solutions for your problems. Particularly in the field of pharmaceutical microbiology, we could expand our experiences in the past decade as intense as only few other laboratories across europe.

 Microbiological Consultancy


Compliance Advice and Services in Microbiology GmbH also provides you with support in microbiological questions and problems. Our expert, Dr. rer. nat. habil. Klaus Haberer is at your disposal to provide you with advice in complex microbiological matters. During his career, Dr. Haberer advanced to one of the most recognized experts in pharmaceutical microbiology and his great experience is a valuable factor for finding solutions to our customers´ problems.


 Combined Competence


We offer you an integrated service-concept which combines microbiological consultancy services on the one hand, and the execution of individual laboratory studies on the other hand. Upcoming problems that are revealed during our consultancy services may also be solved by us with an individual study in our laboratory. New problems are being treated as new challenges which we face with great excitement and our objective is nothing less but your satisfaction as our customer.