Microbiological consultancy


Great knowledge is the key to all scientific work and decisions. Our consultancy service provides you with the necessary expert-knowledge to help you find the right decisions. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Klaus Haberer and his great knowledge in microbiological matters stand at your disposal to help you find these decisions even in highly sophisticated issues.


Dr. Haberer is one of the most recognised experts in microbiological matters worldwide. His great experience has been a significant and valuable support for many of our customers over the past decade.


He gained a great piece of his knowledge during his career at different industrial companies and global players, particularly in the field of microbiological quality control and assurance. In that time, he worked for the Hoffmann La Roche AG and, at last, at Hoechst AG in Frankfurt, where he was responsible for the choice of corporate microbiological methods as director of microbiological quality control. He ended his industrial career in 1999 to establish his own company and become an independent consultant on microbiological issues.

He is Convenor of ISO 198 work group 9 Aseptic processing of pharmaceuticals and medicinal products. Dr. Haberer is the German expert at the European Pharmacopoia in Strasbourg, where he is also particularly occupied within the area of international harmonization of microbiological procedures. He has participated in several international PDA working groups on the topics sterilization, aseptic processing and microbiological alternative methods.


With his specialized knowledge and wide-spread experience and competence in microbiological quality issues, Dr. Haberer is the contact person if expert support is necessary, e.g. with sterilization procedures, aseptic processing, failure investigations (CAPA) or validation.


Further information on Dr. Haberer's professional experience: Information Dr. Klaus Haberer