One of our core competences is to develop individual projects and studies for our customers. These studies are tailored to our customers specific needs and wishes and the corresponding project-plans are always prepared in close cooperation.


The following list contains a brief overview of different study types that we are able to perform. If the study you are looking for is not listed, simply contact us to evaluate the feasibility of the desired study.


 Validation study types


  • Development and validation of optimized sterilisation procedures


  • simulations of specific depleation methods


  • qualification of dry-heat and steam sterilisation


  • process specific testing and characterisation of biological indicators


  • microbiological validation of water systems


  • validation of desinfection methods


  • Container Closure Integrity Test


  • endotoxin depleation studies, e.g. within a heat-tunnel validation


ndotoxinabreicherungsstudie/ Hitztunnelvalidierung