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Service laboratory for microbiology since 1999

Compliance Advice and Services in Microbiology

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D-Vaue determinations / Recertification of Biological indicators

Compliance GmbH has been a specialist in the verification (recertification) of bioindicators and chemical indicators since 1999. We also offer our customers the testing of germ resistance in various products or on surfaces.

Overview of services

Our laboratory services contain a wide variety of studies and testing. We offer lab testing according to Ph. Eur. including Pharmaceutical water, contamination of non-sterile products (germ Counts /detection of specific microorganisms), efficacy of antimicrobioal preservation, bacterial endotoxines

Individual Studies / Process Validation

We develop individual validation studies and process plans together with our customers. If you have an individual sterilisation process that Needs to be validated or optimized, please contact us for an individual offer. Our experience in sterilisation processes and our consulting partners will find Solutions to your individual problem.

Consulting in Microbiology

Through our network of experts, you will receive support from us in technical questions of microbiology and, depending on the area and question, the implementation of what has been worked out in the laboratory.

About us

Our microbiology laboratory has been founded in 1999. We have specialized in consulting- and laboratory-services in the microbiological area. Besides microbiological consultancy services, our laboratory offers analytical laboratory research as well as support in the field of microbiological quality control for aseptic processes and sterilization processes.

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Area of specialalized expertise

Examination of biological indicators

Within Europe, there are few independent laboratories with comparable experience with biological indicators. Within this field, we offer:
D-Value determination (decimal reduction)
z-Value determination
• Confirmation of the survival-kill-time in our BIER-Vessel (Steam)



We provide valuable and carefully performed services to our customers. To emphasize this, you will find different examples to prove us right on these pages.



Our lab underlies the constant surveillance of german authorities according to § 64 AMG. Our lab underlies the constant surveillance of german authorities according to § 64 AMG. You can download all certificates.


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Phone.: +49 (0) 221 / 957 457–0
Email: info@compliance-microbiology.de


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