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About us

Establishment and place of business

Compliance Advice and Services in Microbiology was founded in 1999. The founders at that time were Dr. Klaus Haberer, Sigrid Schühlein and Karl-Heinz Schühlein. After Dr. Haberer has been working for different global players in the pharmaceutical industry, he decided to cut off his industrial career and start his own business. At that time, he got in contact with Sigrid and Karl-Heinz Schühlein, who decided to support his plans and became his partners with the foundation of Compliance Advice and Services in Microbiology. Since then, Dr. Haberer and Mr. Schühlein lead the company together as managing directors.

The place of business was chosen to be in the industrial park Longerich, north of cologne in Germany, where the company remained until today.

Philosophy and goals

As a relatively young company, we successfully operate in the field of microbiological services for over ten years until today. In this time, we have finished numerous consultancy-projects and examinations in our laboratory. Even though we can look back on many successfull projects, we never stopped learning, and we still gain experience and competence with every new project. For us, Steady improvement is an inevitable requirement to deliver outstanding quality, which is what we seek for in every project.

Our main focus lies on long lasting business-relations to our customers. In our opinion, this can only be achieved, if the satisfaction of customers is declared to the main objective. Every project is being taken care of with the greatest possible prudence and sustainability. This is part of our philosophy and the list of satisfied customers proves us right.

These demands we set ourselves are reflected in our laboratory. Its equipment is state of the art and its central core is our Lautenschlaeger BIER-Vessel (Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometer) in which we perform our D-Value determinations. Our experiences, particularly in the field of D-Value determinations, exceeds most other laboratories. Our management- and quality-systems assure a professional and target-oriented handling of every project. We were able to prove the efficiency of our systems in numerous audits of customers
and public authorities.

The combination of our well-equipped laboratory and the great scientific knowledge under the lead of Dr. Haberer puts us in the position to solve even complex problems and become a valuable partner for our customers.


MGP Consulting – Dr. Marcel Goverde

MGP Consulting is your competent consultancy service for pharmaceutical microbiology and hygiene. Especially deviation management is one of the major areas of experience in which MGP may support you with your issues. Additionally, MGP also offers courses within a GMP-surrounding with different modules, which can be adapted to your needs.

The company was founded by Dr. Marcel Goverde in 2011, who collected his pharmaceutical knowledge in microbiology and hygiene in many years in the industry.


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